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Our Core Functions


Company Research

Basic & Advanced

Let us find important information on your company you didn't know existed.


Market Identification

Brand & Product

Know who you're selling to and what your return on investment is.


Quality Control

Production Line

Follow your product from start to finish, tweaking along the way.

Meet the Team

Medius Research employs people around the world.

Medius Research is a privately held corporation established in 2002 that strives to provide its partners with valuable consumer insight that will assist in driving their business and strengthening their bottom line. A customer service research firm with over 60 employees based in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver we work with our partners on both a short term contract basis as well as permanent sub-contractors.

Our skill sets vary greatly, Medius Research has experience in multiple industry verticals; whether it be customer service evaluation, field research, project management or sales and marketing, we are the agency for you. With the most competitive pricing in the industry and a proven track record, Medius Research will help you achieve your objectives in the most time and cost efficient manner.

Robert Shields

Sr. Director Market Research

Jessica Pompello

Director Of Field Research

Olivia McCree

Accounts and Receivables

Michael Swanson

Director Client Services

What we do

Know your company inside-out.

Medius Research was established as a Customer Service research firm, whereby we would assist companies improve their customer service, ensuring that their employees were adequately versed in managing consumer expectations and handling difficult situations.

We have grown over the years to also focus on field research where we are our clients eyes and ears on the ground level of their business providing them with unbiased and valuable insight. Most recently we have also included project management sub-contracted sales and marketing services to assist in a clients direct work force.

  • Data Collection
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Verification
  • Beta Testing
  • 76

    Projects done

    Data Collection & Reporting Worldwide

    Whether you are looking for solutions to automate your warehouse data information and ensure 24/7 operations, track and trace your products or manage your report inventory, Medius Research is the smart choice.

  • 19

    Projects done

    Detailed Marketing Data Analysis

    Medius Research is well known for its ability to gather unique insights. We own and manage our own market research and market analysis practice and employ all the advanced techniques relevant in today's market research industry.

  • 34

    Projects done

    Market Research with technical analysis

    Medius Research provides relationship-based market research services that ensure not only the flawless execution of quantitative and qualitative surveys, but also a well-defined, methodical approach that keeps our clients actively involved.

  • 88

    Projects done

    Advanced data analysis

    We are experts in organizing, cleaning, formatting, and analyzing your data to give you intelligence about products, customers, trends, and many other aspects of analytical marketing.

  • 67

    Projects done

    Verification of data from premium databases

    Complete your contact data management strategy by implementing additional tools such as duplicate identification software or append data to enhance your contact data quality.

  • 450

    Projects done

    Online & Offline Beta Testing

    Medius Research offers a diverse pack of software testing services for projects with all levels of complexity. We join a well-developed QA process with state-of-the-art tools and methodology to fulfil the most challenging projects.

What Clients say

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Always ahead of the competition when it comes to customer service, BMW worked with Medius Research to ensure product information was being delivered to consumers in a consistent and uniform fashion from province to province as well as across the border in the United States.


During the Canadian expansion in early 2003 Medius Research was a strategic project manager for Husqvarna that worked hand in hand developing sales and marketing strategies for their new offices setting up shop in Western Canada.


With the launch of the new Bell Fibe network outside the island of Montreal and in the Greater Toronto Area, Medius Research was sub contracted as asales agent where we grew Bell’s business in the aforementioned regions by 3% over a 9 month period.

The trust, faith our partners have in us.

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